Create Bright & Beautiful Photos with Our Custom Preset.

This is our personal color preset for Lightroom that we use on our images. It is stunning on wedding photos, lifestyle, fashion photography and more.


How to use: Add Preset to your image + adjust your exposure & temperature. That's it!

We hope you enjoy your images like never before!


Savannah & Matt

Savannah Kay Preset

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Must Have Most Updated Version Of Lightroom

    Locate the xmp file you downloaded. You can drag the xmp file into your Lightroom presets folder if you already have one, or create a new folder on your desktop.

    • Open Lightroom Classic CC, go to the Develop module, click File, then click Import Develop Presets and Profiles.

    • Select the xmp file in the folder you’ve placed it in, and click Import. 

    • Restart Lightroom.